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Panther RES

At PantherRES we have one goal: to develop the best real estate solutions for our clients. From basic planning to complex implementation, our expertise and abilities cover every aspect of the commercial real estate process. Our desire is to be an extended member of your team. Our engineering background has helped us develop methodologies and processes so no details are forgotten or misunderstood.

Over the years PantherRES has developed relationships with some of the top Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms in the North Texas Area and beyond. PantherRES will ensure your real estate projects are delivered.

Development Services

PantherRES is a full service consulting, management, and coordination firm offering many years of real estate and construction expertise. Our desire is to be an extended member of your team.

Strategic Planning

Site Assessment

Environmental Coordination

Design and Architecture


Property Management

Facilities Maintenance

Financing Options

Brokerage Services

Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in commercial real estate representation. We utilize that experience in developing unique solutions for each of our clients. Our services include:

Tenant/Owner Representation

Project Management

Financial Analysis





Special Purpose

Facilities Management

Effective facility management is crucial to maintaining high property values. Once your project is completed, our team is prepared to provide all essential property management and facility maintenance services. We have the capability to manage:

Facility Services

Tenant Improvements

Major Equipment Contracts

Modification or Renovation Projects

Capital Project Budgeting and Implementation

Operating Expense Allocations

Emergency Issue Response